Five Promises I make to help you realize your athletic dreams.

Promise 1
Provide proper training as a means to “win”− Provide correct training aimed at improving your football competitiveness.

Promise 2
Don't waste limited athlete time− Efficiently perform only the necessary exercises, allowing you to spend more time on the pitch than in the gym.

Promise 3
Maximize the potential for improving competitiveness− Aim to improve posture and body movement to acquire muscle strength and flexibility, as well as developing an appropriate range of motion to exert force.

Promise 4
Prevent preventable injuries− Reduce the risk of self-inflicted injuries by carefully designing content and programs and altering the quality of player movement.

Promise 5
Providing timeless and authentic training− Seek out the essence of what I can do for the players and pursue results without being overwhelmed by the latest trends in the media. The most important thing is that the player wins.

ESTADIOA S&C | 世界をめざすサッカー選手のためのStrength&Conditioning Gym

ESTADIOA S&Cは、世界で通用する身体能力を最短で獲得するためのウェイトトレーニングを提供するストレングス&コンディショニング専門ジムです。世界をめざすサッカー選手のために世界基準の資格を持ったトレーナーが指導にあたります。体験トレーニングも随時募集しています。


  • 1000 / 1000